Death of a hip-hop fan

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What do I know about Richard Laco? Thanks to the joys of social media I can tell you that he watched Frasier, Lost and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, listened to Busta Rhymes, De La Soul and NWA, and played ice hockey and basketball. He was 31 years old, a former student at Middlesex University, and on Wednesday last week he was crushed to death while watching the installation of a concrete staircase at the new Francis Crick building near Kings Cross where he was working as a labourer.

The building itself has a chequered history; locals were nervous about its construction, since the building will be carrying out research into level 4 toxins – as dangerous a biological hazard as you can find. Locating the lab at the southern end of one of Europe’s largest concentrations of residential housing seemed, frankly, bizarre. But the project was forced through…

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